Remontowa Holding places a high priority on care for the environment in which it carries out production. Members of Remontowa Holding undertake various activities to maintain environmental quality and to ensure its improvement through effective environmental management. Remontowa Holding applies measures and methods aimed at reducing the emission of pollutants, the effective waste management and efficient use of natural resources.

The aim of environmental management is also to ensure that environmental protection is maintained at a high level through continuous improvement, raising the ecological awareness of workers and subcontractors and finding environmentally friendly ways of performing processes connected with Remontowa Holding’s activities.

The companies within Remontowa Holding, such as Gdańska Stocznia „Remontowa” im. J. Piłsudskiego S.A., possess an integrated management system based on the international ISO standards – “Quality Management Systems ISO 9001:2008” and “Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2004”.

The Environmental Management System has been certified in recognition of the high level of environmental management. The Integrated Management System is certified by Loyd's Register Quality Assurance and the Polish Register of Shipping. The Integrated Management System is documented and applied in order to effectively support the achievement of the Shipyard’s environmental objectives.

Health and safety

REMONTOWA aspires to maintaining a zero-tolerance policy towards faults in worksite safety through comprehensive health and safety efforts.

Keeping our employees safe and healthy is an integral part of our business. It ensures that every project we embark on for you is done with integrity and a commitment to the highest quality.

We know that all accidents can and should be avoided. We work continuously to raise awareness about and improve our performance in HSE matters. This is supported by a company philosophy that fully accepts responsibility for the safety of its workforce, yard and subcontractor staff.

We base our procedures first on Polish laws and regulations related to the health and safety of staff at the worksite, and second on manuals, procedures and other documentation which we have implemented according to our clients’ requirements.
In 2011, we implemented an HSE MS, which assures our employees that everyone is equally responsible and committed where worker safety is the number one priority. The system has built a culture around situational awareness, achieved by a combination of classroom training, behavioral science, pre-job safety meetings and preventative measures. We believe this system has improved in particular our ability to identify and analyse hazards associated with behavior, tools, equipment and work procedures and their trends.

We’re in the business of staying safe as we put workers first.


The development strategy of Remontowa Holding includes the aspect of a positive impact on our environment and the responsibility for the place where we live and where for many years we have establishing working conditions for those who live in our region by employing 7 thousand people. Hence we often participate in numerous projects involved with science, culture, the arts, sport and health, by providing financial support and taking actions to increase the knowledge about the shipbuilding industry which is the natural heritage of Pomerania.

We believe that our companies affect the activities of the community we operate in and so we make every effort to support the local needs. In our opinion it is essential to ensure the sustainability of our business. We can grow only when the economy and the society are strong.